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  • Adjustable Leather Slip-on Sandals - Gabriel
    Adjustable Leather Slip-on Sandals - Gabriel

Adjustable Handmade Leather Slip-on Sandals - Gabriel

This up-to-date rendition of a classic biblical  toe sandal design is completed modernizes by cool curves and by a buckle. 
These shifts are decorative as well as practical making adjustment to each wearer's foot possible. Additionally the decorative stitching and staining of the upper add a distinctive touch  . This is a unisex that iz appropriate for women, as well as for men.
Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 16436

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $25.95
Look close to as you cah by chance that you're hunting down a couple of worthy handmade leather sandal styles that fuse genuine toe holds and curve help. The cowhide straps and foot pads safely and securely holds the front bit of your foot in position. The internal cowhide sole has two supplemental natura toe holds for sdupport. Most of the straps whether crossing most of the foot or paralleling your foot from the most astounding purpose of the foot further make an amenable fit. This results in emphatically engaging styles and innovative designs which is satisfying for all tastes. You can in like manner, be sure that these solely hand made shoes are made of simply the finest material available. Your soles are produced using tried and true professionally tanned calfskin. The calfskin based inside the soles are hand-sewed to most lifted quality bleeding edge composite material, which makes the shoes tried and true and solid. 
Despite that, the design depends on the scriptural styling of hundreds of years back, making these shoes the amazing