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  • Ashdoda



This figurine is a schematic melding of a woman and the chair upon which she sits. Small, cult statuettes of this type were clearly inspired by Mycenaean art from Greece, where the figure of a seated woman represented the Mother Goddess. Color: Assorted Size: 4.3 x 7 inch

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About the Israel Museum
The Israel Museum is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel
and is ranked among the leading art and archaeology museums in the world. Founded in 1965, the Museum houses encyclopedic collections, including the most extensive holdings of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world. In just forty years, the Museum has built a far-ranging collection of nearly 500,000 objects thanks to a legacy of gifts and the
support from its circle of patrons worldwide.

  • Genre: Archeological
  • Size (cm): 11 X 18
  • Size (Inch): 4.3 X 7