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  • FREE Israel Museum Sterling Silver Childbirth Pendant
    FREE Israel Museum Sterling Silver Childbirth Pendant

FREE Israel Museum Sterling Silver Childbirth Pendant

No Longer Available

925 Sterling silver pendent, typical of Jewish Persian amulets, this one is intended for the woman in childbirth. Hung on leather cord necklace.

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The foliate form and ornamentation on this amulet render it typical of Jewish Persian amulets intended for the woman in childbirth. The Hebrew inscription is taken from Psalms 121:1-8 and also includes the name 'Jochebed', the mother of Moses and Aaron, who was known for her easy deliveries.

Amulets were intended to guard their owners' families and property from natural disasters, spells, and evil spirits. Some were used to heal sickess and cure infertility, others were meant to shield the traveler from peril, to promote success and bounty, and even to secure the affection of friends and lovers.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and includes a historical background in English and Hebrew.

About the Israel Museum
The Israel Museum is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the leading art and archaeology museums in the world. Founded in 1965, the Museum houses encyclopedic collections, including the most extensive holdings of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world. In just forty years, the Museum has built a far-ranging collection of nearly 500,000 objects thanks to a legacy of gifts and the support from its circle of patrons worldwide.

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