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About Purim Traditions

In honor of this happy holiday, there are many traditions. According to the Talmud, it is mandatory to be happy and gay throughout the whole month of Adar, as it is a time to celebrate the redeeming of the Jewish people.

Purim Baskets

Purim Basket

The four main mitzvot (commandments) for the special day are known as the four “M”s: 1. Megillah, the reading of the amazing story to be reminded every year of the horrible fate which almost befell the Jews and how they were saved.

2. Matanot La’evyonim, giving Purim gifts or money to people in need. In addition, it’s a good idea to send Purim baskets to Israel for others in need.

3. Mishte, the elaborate celebratory feast eaten during the day of Purim, containing traditional Purim food such as hamentashen, a jelly-filled cookie. There is also a lot of singing Purim songs.

4. Mishloach Manot, or shaloch manot, the traditional purim gift basket one is required to give to at least two different people. This purim basket does not need to be fancy, yet it must contain at least two types of food, like a fruit and pretzels. There is no end to the ideas for mishloach manot or purim basket ideas.

Assorted Hamentation

Assorted Hamentation

There is also a tradition to dress up in costumes for the day, making Purim for kids as well. Children love dressing up and delivering gifts for purim to their friends. It makes for a fun and happy day for all.

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