Hanukkah - Chanukah|September 20, 2011 12:59 PM

When is Hanukkah (chanukah)?

Hanukkah date on the Hebrew calendar begins on 25th day of the month of Kislev (Hanukkah Eve is on the 24 of Kislev).

Following are the corresponding Hanukkah dates according to the civil Gregorian calendar for the upcoming years:

  • Hanukkah 2013 dates: November 27 – December 5
  • Hanukkah 2014 dates: December 16 – December 24
  • Hanukkah 2015 dates: December 6 – December 14

** Hanukkah Candle lighting – the first candle lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah is taking place at the nightfall of the first Hanukkah date (i.e. Hanukkah eve/the evening before the first Hanukkah day).

9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah

9 Branch Hanukkah Menorah

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