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Order Mishloach Manot for Purim 2013

The Jewish  holiday of Purim is celebrated this year on Sunday March 24. Jews around the world will convene to read the Story of Esther in the court of King Achashverosh of Persia and how the Jews were saved from total destruction under the decree of the Evil Haman by the Jew Mordechai.

In honor of the Jewish people’s salvation and overcoming their enemies, Jews throughout the ages send gift baskets of food called mishloach manot in hebrew [lit. the sending of portions], to family and friends and gives alms to the poor and deserving members of their communities. In modern times, the sending of Purim baskets to friends and family living in Israel, USA, Canada or other communities around the world is made easier by sites like

Israel-Catalog offers a wide selection of baskets for children and adults, filled with delicious chocolates and other goodies. All are certified Kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel – some are even under strictly kosher, Mehadrin [Badatz] supervision. Specialty chocolates by Max Brenner , the Bald Man; surprise filled packages  for the children by Elite; ecologically-aware, organic baskets by Cand many other choices can be found on their webstore.

Order now Purim gift baskets for On-time delivery around the world!


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