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When is Passover?

This Year Passover is celebrated on April 14, 2014

Passover is one of the best known Jewish holidays.  But, when is Passover celebrated  and what exactly is Passover ?

Passover itself is an eight day holiday, beginning on 15th of the Jewish month is Nisan .

The origins of the Pesach holiday go all the way back to the Old Testament.  The second book of the Bible, known as Exodus, tells the story of the escape of the Israelites from slavery inEgypt.  Many see it as a story of divine miracle, while others relate to it as an important tale of freedom over oppression.

Either way, Passover has come to be a festival full of meaning.  No more so than on the first night of the holiday, when Jewish families across the world traditionally gather to re-tell the story of the festival.  Known as Seder night, the story is told using an ancient formula, the Passover Haggadah.  It involves a great number of symbolic items, which make the story an interactive experience for all.  A traditional Seder plate is placed on the table, containing items including bitter herbs, to represent the bitterness of slavery.  The Seder plate also includes three matzahs – These are dry crackers, which are traditionally eaten during Passover as a substitute for bread.  In order to remember that the Israelites leftEgyptin a hurry, without time to bake, it is traditional to refrain from eating bread during the entire eight day festival.

The Seder is not only a symbolic event, but also a celebratory occasion.  There is usually an elaborate meal and a number of distinctive Passover songs are sung.  There is also plenty to make Passsover for children fun too.  Quite often, they receive Passover gifts and are given special roles to make them feel a big part of the Seder experience.  Pesach is certainly a festival for all the family.

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