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what is Tu Bishvat?

The Torah teaches of four yearly beginnings:

The first of Nisan is new year for the kings and festivals; Elul 1 starts the year for animal tithing but Rabbis Eliezer & Shimon say the first of Tishrei ; Tishrei is Rosh HaShanah  for years, Sabbatical years, Jubilee years and for planting vegetables; The first of Shevat, is the Jewish holiday for trees, according to Bet Shammai; Hillel’s school says, on the fifteenth. (Rosh Hashanah 1a)

Hillel “won” and, hence , on the fifteenth (TU in Hebrew) of Shevat we celebrate the new year of the trees.

Tu Bishvat Fruit Platter

Tu Bishvat Fruit Platter

This year  Tu BiShvat, New Year for the trees falls on February 8.  This unique day is celebrated with a joyous “Seder” including 4 cups of wine and fresh and fruit from Israel, at night and tree planting during the day. Why not Plant a tree in Israel or send a friend delicious Dates from Israel to celebrate?

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