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Hebrew Name Necklace Makes a Great Source for Meaningful Gifts

Have you ever considered wearing your Hebrew Name Necklace as a sign of self pride and solidarity with the Jewish nation? This may bring to mind the famous name necklace Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and The City, only with a Jewish twist!

r0021-1The custom-made Hebrew name necklaces have always enjoyed a wide popularity among Jewish communities around the world, especially when it comes to necklaces created by Jewish Israeli designers. Some Israeli jewelry is handmade in Jerusalem which gives the piece an extra special quality.

What is it made of?

Hebrew name necklaces can be made from a number of different materials including Sterling silver or 14 karat gold or even gold plated silver.

Give an Extra sparkle


How about giving the piece an extra sparkle and shine? If you’re looking for a gift to impress, the necklaces can be made even more elegant with the addition of a dispersion of diamonds. In our special collection each Hebrew letter is decorated with 10 pavé gems,

each weighing 0.01 carats for a shiny and radiant appearance.

The pieces we offer are manufactured by craftsmen in the renowned Israeli Ramat Gan Diamond Center. This range of materials makes them rich and meaningful as well as accessible – a gift that anyone can afford. You can simply choose the style you like according to your budget.

Do you have a Hebrew name?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou may not have a Hebrew name but don’t let it concern you! Many people don’t know that they can actually translate their name into a Hebrew name. Many “English” names actually originated in the bible such as Rebbeca, Miriam or Michael. If you would like to find out your Hebrew name, is the place to check out. Alternatively, you can simply choose to transliterate your English name in Hebrew in various styles.

Hebrew name necklace is quite a unique gift. This symbolic piece of  Jewish Jewelry is a perfect choice for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or any Jewish holiday and festive occasion. It is also a great gift for your Jewish parent or grandparent. Bear in mind that a Hebrew name necklace can also be a great gift for men and Jewish boys in popular male styles like the army “dog tag” pendant.

We offer wide range of chain lengths, giving you the option of finding the ideal size for you or the receiver of your gift. If you wonder how to pick the right size, here are a few guidelines: The 14” is suitable for children including most Bar Mitzvah celebrants. The longer lengths of 16” and up to 22” allow you to adjust the chain to your personal taste and style.

To further customize the appearance, the pendants can be made in a variety of Hebrew fonts including block printing, double-width block printing or cursive. The site offers pictures that illustrate the different writing styles.

If you’re looking for a complete set of jewelry, the necklace can include a personalized engraving with the Jewish name in Hebrew or English. A name on a chain is more than a simple albeit beautiful gem. Wearing the necklace lets you connect with your Hebrew element through a beautiful piece of jewelry written in the holiest of languages.

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