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Star of David Meaning

Magen David Necklace

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Nowadays, the Star of David is the most recognizable sign of the Jewish identity. The Star of David can be seen inside Jewish homes and synagogues. It is the symbol of the humanitarian aid organization Magen David Adom and it proudly decorates Israel’s flag. Naturally, the Star of David is featured in many jewelry accessories and Jewish jewelry collections  such as Star of David Necklace, star of David rings and more. One might think that the Star of David has always been a familiar Jewish symbol, but this is not the case. It is only after the Second World War that the Star of David has become known exclusively as Jewish symbol.

The meaning of the Star of David and its origins

You might have asked yourself what is the meaning of the Star of David. The meaning of the Star of David in English is quite different than what its Hebrew name suggests. The Hebrew term Magen David literally means “protector” or “shield”. The Jewish tradition believes that this refers to King David’s shield. Traditional sources have described King David’s shield as a six pointed star. According to the general belief, it was the special shape of the shield that drew protection upon King David and his men and led them to their victories in battles.
The Star of David is often associated with another six pointed star known as the Seal of Solomon. King Solomon was known as a great and wise king that left an impressive legacy. As the bible tells us, he was King David’s son who built the first holy temple in Jerusalem. According to tradition, the Seal of Solomon was a mystical signet ring worn by the king himself. King Solomon’s power to control demons and overcome obstacles was attributed to his possession of the ring.
Up until the nineteenth century the Star of David was far from being an exclusive Jewish symbol. Research suggests that in the middle ages the Star of David was a common tool in various religious ceremonies and was used to fight evil spirits and demons across different traditions.

The rise of the Star of David within Jewish communities

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries more and more Jewish communities across Europe adopted the Star of David to signify their collective identity.
However, it is only by the end the nineteenth century that the Star of David was embraced by the Zionist movement, thus becoming much more widely known.
In the Second World War the Star of David was used by the Nazis to mark the Jews out of the general population. After the war, the dark connotation attached to the symbol has shifted dramatically when the state of Israel was established in 1948. When the Jewish nation was founded, the Star of David was put on the flag of Israel and thus became a sign of collective pride.
Today, millions of Jews across the world wear Jewish Jewelry proudly. You can spot Jewish women, men and teens everywhere wearing the Star of David around their necks. A Star of David necklace is an expression of both faith and collective identity. Many Jewish people around the globe also see the Star of David as a sign of their personal connection to the state of Israel and one its most significant emblems.

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