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What is Red String (kabbalah)?

The custom of tying a red string (also known as “red string of fate”, “red thread”, “red thread of fate”) to the wrist is already mentioned in the Book of Genesis (chapter 38, verse 27-29) – The midwife who assisted Tamar to give birth to twin brothers tied a scarlet thread (“Shani” in Hebrew) on one of the newborn’s wrist so to distinguish who came out first.

Red String Bracelet

Red String Bracelet

Another possible source to modern red string wrist wearing is from Rachel’s tomb (one of the four biblical matriarchs) where believers who visit the tomb wear it as a talisman that poses great powers against “evil eye”.

Nowadays, when kabbalah studies have spread beyond the reach of just a chosen few and became a field of studies for those who seek spiritual guidance and answers for existential questions, wearing a Kabbalah red string on the left wrist has become of popular spiritual trend.

Some communities suggest that when wearing the red string – one should ask a person he/she trust, the string can be made out of cotton or wool and some recite a short Ben Porat Yoseff prayer along with it.

Although wearing a plane red cotton string available in most homes will do – here at we offer you, as part of our Jewish Jewelry and Kabbalah Jewelry collections, beautiful cotton woven red string bracelets in various styles. All red thread items are made in Israel by Israeli artisans.

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