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It’s All Subjective: Hebrew Dictionary by Subject

Hebrew Dictionary by Subject

Hebrew Dictionary by Subject

Forget the hassle of looking up individual words one by one. Unlike regular Hebrew dictionaries, the English Hebrew by Subject topic dictionary is laid out according to subject – 41 in all – grouping similar words together. This means that users no longer have to flick back and forth to get all the vocabulary they need for tackling a specific subject. Instead, the more than 10,000 words contained in the book are clearly and logically laid out, making it easy to find related Hebrew vocabulary.

In addition, the book features 10 chapters dealing with grammatical issues, such as prepositions, conjunctions and pronouns, as well as two chapters focusing on punctuation, prefixes and suffixes.

Every major topic is sub-divided into nouns, adjectives and finally Hebrew verbs. This sub-division means that each broader subject is broken down into more specific areas. For example, “Politics” is divided into forms of government and social status, institutions, government departments and people and professionals, to name just a few. As well as finding related words and phrases, this logical layout makes it easier than ever to learn new words and phrases in Hebrew.

Making the studying process even more effective, the dictionary includes an audio CD of all the vocabulary that appears in the book. This unique Hebrew software lets learners hear the words being spoken, allowing them to improve their pronunciation and making them more confident in all aspects of their verbal communication.

The English Hebrew by Subject topic dictionary is suitable for a wide range of users, including those with just a basic grasp of the language, learners who are looking to broaden their knowledge of a variety of subjects as well as those who need specific words for their professional or academic lives.

The book is also ideal for those taking Hebrew for beginners courses. All of the Hebrew words are written with vowels (nikkud); a feature that makes it incredibly easy for those just starting out in the language.

The Hebrew English dictionary by subject is especially useful for English speakers living in Israel. Many of the chapters, such as education, health and economy, are brimming with Hebrew vocabulary necessary for day-to-day life in a new country.

But it is not just for those who live in Israel. Tourists and visitors will find sections dealing with food, transport and tourism invaluable in adding an extra dimension to their stay by giving them a basic knowledge of phrases in easy Hebrew.

So, whether you want to find your way around town, read the newspaper or communicate with confidence on a wide range of subjects, the English Hebrew by Subject topic dictionary will give an additional boost to your learn Hebrew experience.

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