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What is Bullet Proof Goldflex Protection

With all of the bulletproof  jackets for sale in various stores or on different websites, it can be difficult to determine which would offer the wearer the best protection while also providing maximum comfort.  Lightweight bullet proof vests can be made from a variety of materials, and it is often unclear what separates the materials from one another – what makes one material better than the other?

Of the bullet proof vest for sale available on, only the top materials are used in the manufacturing of the Military & Outdoor Gear products offered.  One of the world-renowned materials used is a synthetic fiber called


Gold Flex, which is made by the company Honeywell.  Gold Flex is a product that consists of four thin sheets of aramid fiber

Bulletproof & Stab Proof Vest

Bulletproof & Stab Proof Vest

surrounded on the top and


bottom sides by a thermoplastic film.  Aramid fibers are known for their ability to not melt or become warped when coming in contact with high degrees of heat.

The benefits for using Gold Flex in the constructing of bulletproof body armor are abundant:

  • Optimal protection against steel-jacketed rounds
  • Ability to protect security personnel or firearm lovers from possible fragmentation effects
  • Reduction in the harsh effects of blunt trauma resulting from the impact of bullets
  • Prime comfort and flexibility for the wearer
If searching for the perfect lightweight bullet proof vest for a family member, friend or loved one, look no further than the Gold Flex line of bulletproof vests.  Manufactured according to the highest standards with top-of-the-line materials, the Gold Flex products available on are the perfect gift for those who work in security or are simply firearm enthusiasts.

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