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Replanting the Carmel Mountains – a Tu-Bishvat Story

Major forest fire rages on the Carmel Mountain in early December 2010

Major forest fire rages on the Carmel Mountain in early December 2010

In early December 2010, a raging fire consumed hundreds of acres of natural woods in the Carmel mountain region. Along with a animal wildlife preserve, the fire swept through many small Arab and Jewish villages scattered throughout the scenic area. The Carmel mountain was a favorite tourist spot and haven for animal and humans alike.

In the Jewish calendar, the agricultural holiday of  Tu B’shvat [the 15th of the hebrew month of Shvat] in known as the New Year for the tress, so it is apt to replant and reforest and replant the landscapes of the mountain villages on that day. Kibbutz Bet Oren was one of the hardest hit, with all its green areas and many homes destroyed totally by the flames.

Customers from webstore rose to the need to replant the forests and green areas that were left scorched and black. This past Tu-BiShvat, Bet Oren was able to plant a tree and relandscape most of their public parks and surrounding green areas with the hundreds of trees purchased by customers.Preparing the trees donated by for Kibbutz Bet Oren

The people of  Bet Oren and the rest of the People of Israel thank everyone for their generous donations and invite everyone to come visit and enjoy the re-awakening forest this year and in the years to come.

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