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All you need to know about Dead Sea minerals

Not only is it the lowest point on earth, but the Dead Sea Salt contains some of the most valuable minerals for your skincare.  As a result, the range of Dead Sea products includes the most effective natural cosmetics on the market.

With valuable Dead Sea minerals, it’s not just a salty lake 

The Dead Sea is most famous for the fact that its’ high salt density makes it almost impossible to sink or dive beneath the surface.  It has led to the iconic image of bathers floating on the surface, reading a newspaper seemingly without a care in the world.  Crucially though, the fact that the Dead Sea contains around ten times the amount of salt found in other sea water also means that it contains a much higher concentration of valuable minerals than elsewhere.  No where else does a body of water include the natural resources comparable to Dead Sea minerals.  These include zinc, iodine, calcium and potassium, all crucial to processes within your body.  Although these minerals are naturally produced, they must

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals

 be regularly replenished and there is no better way to do so than with Dead Sea cosmetics.

What can Dead Sea minerals do for you?

Using any type of Dead Sea skincare products will bring you the enormous benefits of a wide variety of minerals.  The two most prominent properties are magnesium (30%) and potassium (24%).  Magnesium stimulates the building of proteins, moves energy between cells and is vital in slowing down the skin’s aging process.  In addition to magnesium, a Dead Sea mask or other facial products will also provide you with abundant potassium, needed to regulate your skin’s moisture.  Meanwhile, high quantities of zinc stimulate collagen renewal and act as a natural UV block for your skin.  Additional products, such as Dead Sea lotion contain other important cosmetic benefits.   Calcium cleanses your pores and strengthens the cell’s membranes, helping maintain healthy teeth and nails. Dead Sea minerals also include chlorine and iodine, essential in regulating water, acid and alkaline in your body, thereby maintaining cell metabolism.

Dead Sea minerals benefit body and mind

Salt containingDead Seaminerals is clearly of real benefit to your body.  Primarily, it is excellent for maintaining the health of your

Dead Sea Skin Care

Dead Sea Skin Care

skin.  In addition, properties such as bromine also help to naturally improve your body’s metabolic process, developing the circulation and in turn providing relief for muscular aches and strains in your joints.  Improved circulation also decreases your heart rate, which has a positive impact in reducing stress levels.  The warmth of a Dead Sea bath ensures that the minerals and salts flow and work together to relax your mind as well as your body.  There for, Dead Sea minerals are often recommended as an effective treatment for insomnia, the feeling of relaxation allowing you to sleep better than ever.

There can be no better natural cosmetic and therapeutic product than Dead Sea minerals, helping maintain a healthy body and peace of mind.

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