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Dead Sea Salt Scrub Benefits

The Dead Sea is famous for it’s water’s high salt density. it is in fact, impossible to sink in this unique body of water. The Dead Sea contains ten times the salt found in other sea water. Not only that, it also contains a far higher concentration of valuable minerals. No other water naturally contains wonders comparable to Dead Sea minerals; including zinc, iodine, calcium and potassium which are essential to processes in your body. They must be replenished regularly and the perfect method is by using Dead Sea cosmetics.
Dead Sea Salt scrub is effective for both deep cleaning of the skin and for replenishing skin with essential minerals. They are Dead Sea Salt Scrubalso great for removing dead skin from the body. This also keeps the skin healthy by removing dead and damaged skin cells, as well as the Toxins that cause acne, and other skin disorders. These toxins result from the effects of chemicals and artificial ingredients in our food, water and air. Dead Sea Salt scrubs are effective to remove these toxins from your body.
Many so called beauty products actually contain these same chemicals and actually exacerbate skin aging. Using Dead Sea Salt scrubs as part of your regular skin cleansing regimen insures soft skin for years to come.
Dead sea minerals are also effective for getting rid of bacterial skin infections. Dead Sea Salt scrubs come in different grades based on the size of salt crystals the product is made of. The largest crystals are used for removing dead skin from feet and most of the body, while the smaller salt crystals cleanse deeply int small pores of the face and other delicate areas.
Psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin can all be caused by improper pH balance of the skin. These disorders are often alleviated by proper use Dead Sea Salt Scrubs.
Dead Sea Salt scrubs are available from premier producers like Ahava, Sea of Spa, and Natural Sea Beauty.
Sea of Spa Dead Sea scrubs have powerful exfoliated action. This dead sea salt scrub is made of crystals from Israel’s Salt Sea, The actual Body Scrub contains salt together with oils and extracts for an improved experience that speeds healing. Dead Sea water cannot be drunk, but the salts it produces are the principal active ingredients in Hand Scrub. This particular product is rich in the minerals Cadmium, Sulfur, and Gold, as well as sodium salt. Only 10 to 15 % of Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride; in other seas 80% of the salt is sodium chloride. Facial Scrub is a very special Dead sea scrub as facial skin is extremely delicate.

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