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Bullet proof vests for kids

A new line of child friendly body armor has been launched in response to Sandy Hook killings

 The new assortment of bullet proof vests for kids come in an array of designs and is noticeably more varied than conventional adult protective equipment and comprises bullet proof school bags and coats suitable for everyday use.  Each bullet proof vest is tested and approved by the United States National Institute of Justice. The most highly sought after product is the 3A grade kit which provides protection against standard handguns as well the types of assault rifles used to carry out recent deadly attacks in schools and public areas. CEO,  Shahar Geva said: ” Sales have risen sharply in the last few months in what was never previously a

Bullet Proof Vest for Kids

Bullet Proof Vest for Kids

unique product line.  We now stock quite a relatively wide range of defensive vests which provide complete upper body protection, from the starting from the waist area upto and including the neck.  Every bullet proof vest for sale has been made to standards of the Israeli army and is designed to be as lightweight as possible withit compromising on security.”

In December last year, twenty children along with six adults were shot and killed at Conneticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, the most fatal of over thirty school shootings that have taken place in the US after the fatal shooting at Colorado’s Columbine High School in 1999, when two senior students went on a shooting spree killing twelve children and a school teacher.

Although vests have traditionally been the symbol of specialist policing, protective vests have now become far more common place in society.  The increased prevalence of gun crime particularly in schools has meant that body armor is now far more present in commercial industry than ever before.

Bulletproof vests are made to absorb the impact of projectiles as well as bullets and shrapnel from  fire-arms and explosions. They aim to protect the upper body where the most essential human organs are located. Vests are constructed from several layers of woven and sometimes coated fibers and usually provide safety from small-caliber handgun and rifle projectiles. Kevlar, a new high strength material which is spun into sheets is a common material used to produce vests, the material is as much as five times stronger than standard steel and offers far more versatility.

Geva added: “The significant increase in sales of protective gear for children which is well over 100% illustrates that families are thinking more seriously about security in public areas.”

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