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Top 5 Best-Selling Star of David Necklaces

The Star of David Necklace is Judaism’s most recognized symbol. Stars of David are common motif for Judaica and synagogue furnishings. This ancient Jewish Symbol is the proud emblem of the flag of Israel. The Star of David features prominently in jewelry jewelry designs, including Star of David pendants, rings and more.

Our most popular Star of David is also a Hand crafted item, Made especially for you! This Hebrew Name & Star of David Necklace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmakesĀ a terrific gift for Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any occasion or just to express love. This special jewelry item is hand crafted for you in Jerusalem of 925 Sterling Silver, complete with a matching silver chain.

Next is the Classic Silver Star of David Necklace with Opal Heart. This is another unique item of Jewish jewelry. this Star expresses love Classic Star of David Necklace with Heartby fusing two powerful but different symbols, made of strikingly different materials. The classic Jewish Star frames a lovely blue and green flame opal. The result is this unique pendant, contrasting silver and opal providing a special love gift. It’s 12.5mm x 22.0mm size is perfect, striking, but not overbearing.

Another big seller is the Silver & Opal Hamsa and Star of David Necklace.
 Hamsa and Star of David NecklaceThis contemporary design merges the classic symbols of Star of David and Hamsa in one pendant. The frame is Sterling Silver Hamsa around a Silver and Opal Star of David. The two combine to render a stunning piece of Jewelry. The pendant measures 14.6mm x 25.7mm which is perfect.
The next most popular design is the Silver & Opal Dove Star of David Necklace. The dove is of sterling silver and its beak and wings are Peace Dove Star of David Necklace3 of the 6 points of the Star of David. The remaining corners of the star are filled with blue and green fire opal, beautifully complementing the silver. This attractive piece measures 19.1mm x 28.1mm. This combination of symbolism with craftsmanship is a wonderful gift for any occasion.

The fifth most popular Star of David pendant is a surprise. it is the Israel IDF Dog Tag embossed with Star of David. The Dog Tag styled Israel Army Dog Tag with Star of Davidpendant is available in Brass or Nickel-plate, for all weather conditions. This Israeli item is a statement to wear proudly to show your love and support for the Israel.


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