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  • Dead Sea Black Mud Soap 200 gr
    Dead Sea Black Mud Soap 200 gr

Black Mud 200 gr, Dead Sea Soap

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Black Mud Soap will give your skin the clean it deserves.  This special soap is comprised of Dead Sea Mud and is made to slough off dead skin cells and refine your pores.  You will love the way your skin feels after using this Dead Sea Product.   

200 gr / 7.05 oz

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This is not just any mud.  Excellent for refining problem skin as well as maintaining healthy skin, Sea of Spa's Black Mud Soap can be used by teenagers, men or women.  Dead cells are removed and the pores are cleaned thoroughly with the Dead Sea Mud.  In addition, impurities, excess oils and dirt which have been trapped in your skin, are removed.  The Dead Sea has been known for the millenia as nature’s spa.  Due to the extremely high concentration of minerals The Dead Sea is actually a lake, and its composition of minerals is produced from the salt that dissolves in the natural evaporation process.  The most abundant Dead Sea Minerals are calcium, zinc and magnesium.  Your skin's natural pH balance will be restored as your skin feels softer, fresher and cleaner than ever before. 


"80% Palm 20% / Palm Kernel Oil (Elaeis guineensis ), Dead Sea Black Mud (Silt),
Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride, Natural extract, Dead Sea Mineral Salts.