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  • Canaan Nourishing Foot Cream, Dead Sea Minerals
    Canaan Nourishing Foot Cream, Dead Sea Minerals

Canaan Nourishing Foot Cream, Dead Sea Minerals

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Canaan Nourishing Foot Cream is a unique blend of a number of amazing ingredients that come together to create the best experience for your feet. The cream smells great and brings the life and silky smoothness right back to your skin, as if it had always been that way.
125 ml  / 4.23 fl oz
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The rich, creamy texture is only the beginning of the experience with Canaan's Nourishing Foot Cream,  which does the best job possible of refreshing and stimulating, with a formula which rejuvenates tired feet especially invented for the purpose of bringing back life to weary feet . The cream nourishes and smoothes the rough, hard and sensitive skin and returns the lightness for the morrow's ventures. The formula is enriched with a unique complex from Canaan: CSE Complex ™ , and with vitamins and essential oils to soften and soothe. It also incorporates pain relievers such as sunflower oil, avocado, coconut , carrot and Donilielh seaweed, for sore feet. Canaan's Nourishing Cream with dead sea minerals is well absorbed quickly and doesn't leave a greasy sticky feeling. It's 125 mls of the ultimate foot cream for the ultimate relieving foot experience. I say experience, because this is truly an experience to wonder at and repeat.