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  • Canaan Energizing Bath and Body Gel, Organic Cosmetics
    Canaan Energizing Bath and Body Gel, Organic Cosmetics

Canaan Energizing Bath and Body Gel, Organic Cosmetics

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This wonderful skin cleanser cares for your skin like no other product. The soap is made of pure jojoba, and olive oils. Cleans you from head to toe - does not dry your skin. Can be use everyday for bathing and showering.
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Canaan Organics body care products are formulated with honor for the healing power of nature. The products are a unique complex of Macadamia nut and Jojoba oil, and of Israeli Olive Oil. These natural ingredients return moisture lost when exposed to the elements. These special products contain no chemical preservatives or chemical stabilizers. The intentionally  known plant herbal extracts and essential oils are certified organic by Israel's organic farmers union whose care for that supports the earth's natural vitality is known.
We are proud  "Canaan's" products and  their social awareness efforts. Nothing can compare to this unique blending of vitamins and healing plant extracts. This complex in the facial, body and spa products of "Canaan" Series makes them mighty.
The human body cannot synthesize minerals in any way, therefore you must supplement them. The usual ways to get them are in foods and vitamin supplements but the body can also get them from such products as those offered in the "Canaan" line of cosmetics.
Canaan products contain patented mix of Plant Extracts known as CSE Complex™, the healing powers of these plants have been known since the dawn of man. 
The developers of "Canaan" Series have researched and found three medicinal plants which are particularly effective in the treatment of skin. These are Hypericum Perforatum, Lanceolata, and Plantago Lea. These are the cornerstones of CSE Complex™