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  • Canaan Conditioning Body Oil, Organic Cosmetics
    Canaan Conditioning Body Oil, Organic Cosmetics

Canaan Conditioning Body Oil, Organic Cosmetics

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A nurturing, hydrating body oil developed to seal in moisture after bath, Also makes a sweet  massage oil. contains pure organic macadamia nuts, jojoba, and olives oils, Energizing nutrients are also added to clarify and condition the skin.

180 ml / 5 fl oz 

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Canaan Organics body and facial skincare products have been  constructed with recognition for that recovery strength of the earths . These products tend to be a extremely rich jn  Macadamia nut and Jojoba oil, and also of Israeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These 100 % natural ingredients go back 5o nature. These extraordinary products carry no chemical preservative or stabilizers. The deliberately specified holistic components and significant oils are professional organically grown by Israel’s natural farm owners who facilitate the earth's genuine vigor.
The dynamic products in Canaan All-natural Products and solutions also have vitamins and healing herb extracts. This is intricate during the facial, spa and body services of "Canaan" Sequence ensures they are mighty. We are unable to synthesize vitamins in the slightest, and that means you need to join them. The typical techniques for finding these are in foods and vitamin dietary supplements although the body system may also have them from this kind of merchandise as these given in the "Canaan" kind of cosmetic makeup products.