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  • Clineral Facial Cleansing Gel with Dead Sea Minerals
    Clineral Facial Cleansing Gel with Dead Sea Minerals

Clineral Seborrhea Facial Cleansing Gel with Dead Sea Minerals

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SEBO Facial Cleansing Gel Is a gentle, soothing, therapeutic, soap less Facial cleanser. This unique product helps reduce reddening & irritation associated with Seborrhea of facial skin. Clinical studies show a reduction of affected skin 22% while redness decreased by 41%.
Clinically approved, free of: Steroids,Synthetic Fragrance, SLS, Parabens
75 ml / 2.5 fl.oz
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We know that it is not invariably very easy to put your very best face forwards when faced with your day to day obstacles associated with seborrhea. However right now there’s a healthier way to deal with its manifestations and luxuriate in a far with a self-assured and confident way of living. Clineral’s clinically-tested preparations formulated with Dead Sea mineral water, mud and also mineral components incorporated to produce excellent skin-maintenance qualities and so are imperative with catalysts featuring normal comfort for any problems in addition to disfiguring complications involving seborrhea.
SEBO Product Range:
• Clinically screened on seborrhea-prone dermis 
• special regarding  indications in mild to moderate episodes of seborrhea
• Provides resistant, manifestation resilient skin through remissions
• Can be utilized as a real supporting treatment method with seborrhea medicines