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  • 26 Dead Sea Minerals Soap
    26 Dead Sea Minerals Soap

26 Minerals, Dead Sea Soap

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26 Minerals soap from Health & Beauty is named for the twenty-six beneficial nutrients in the Dead Sea’s mineral rich waters. This Therapeutic aromatic soap is great for deep cleansing body and face.
125 gr / 4.4 oz
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This aromatic therapeutic soap is natural, healthy and of the highest quality vegetal soaps. It deep cleans your face and body. It is formulated with balanced concentrations of vitamins and Dead Sea Salt. The soap is rich in glycerin, olive oil, aloe vera and natural plant extracts. The soap helps to  rejuvenate skin cells and softens sensitive skin. It is even effective as a psoriasis treatment as well as for eczematous skin sufferers. The soap has a high salt contact which actually softens hard water and leaves skin soft and supple. This Dead Sea soap leaves skin feeling fresh and renewed.

Directions for use: lather and massage briskly, leave for about a  minute, and rinse well. We recommend finishing by applying one of Health & Beauty's fine creams or lotions.