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  • Dead Sea Recovery Cream by Natural Sea Beauty
    Dead Sea Recovery Cream by Natural Sea Beauty

Dead Sea Skin Recovery Cream by Natural Sea Beauty


Natural Sea Beauty has a range of unique creams and other cosmetics that utilize the healing power of the Dead Sea, The mineral rich dead sea mud makes these cosmetics chock full of the essential minerals to keep your skin moist and healthy. Natural Sea Beauty Minerial Repair Recovery Cream is the perfect product for you if your skin could use some pampering, if it is not healthy then this is the first step on the road to recovery.

30 gr / 1 oz

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 16998
MSRP: $62.95
Price: $49.95
Sale price: $22.00

Minerial ™ Repair Recovery Cream is an amazing healing cream enriched with minerals and complex active ingredients from the Dead Sea that nourish and improve the texture of the skin. The cream was developed using innovative technology so to best apply nutrients, sooth and restore the skin to health without the use of paraben. Enriched with avocado butter, grape seed oil and olive oil, and containing strong antioxidants, the cream adds moisture, nutrients and flexibility to smooth the skin. Using witch hazel to preserve and balances the skin's natural moisture the cream also utilizes aloe vera juice to soothe the skin, Shea Butter to soften and stretch the skin and give it the appearance of youth, Calendula Oil to prevent dryness and cracks, Chamomile Extract to relaxing and refresh, Green tea extract to add that keep the moisture, relaxing and refreshing. oils rich in Omega 6 and 3, Jojoba oil for antioxidants and vitamin E nutrients, evening primrose oil all to lend the skin vitality, nourish, replenish, refresh and enliven the skin.