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  • Dead Sea Whitening Serum by Natural Sea Beauty
    Dead Sea Whitening Serum by Natural Sea Beauty

Dead Sea Whitening Serum by Natural Sea Beauty


Natural Sea Beauty’s cosmetic line provides high quality Dead Sea mineral enriched cosmetics, which bring vital minerals to the skin. And since keeping the skin healthy is he key to having beautiful, smooth, moisturised skin over time. Natural Sea Beauty’s Whitening Serum allows you to lighten blemishes on the skin while keeping it as healthy as possible.

30 ml / 1fl oz

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MSRP: $119.95
Price: $84.95
Sale price: $42.34

Minerial ™ White whitening serum is positively enriched with a  Minerial Solution Complex ™ - made of minerals and active ingredients from the Dead Sea. A wonderful alternative treatment to less healthy whitening creams and serums, this one has no paraben and is specially formulated to clarify and lighten the various types of stains that could appear, stemming from staying in the sun too long, pregnancy, childbirth, pills or medications, acne scarring, menopause, old age, freckles or random pigment imbalance. It contains lemon juice and vitamin C for ascorbic acid to keep the skin looking smooth and Pro vitamin B5 for cell renewal and strengthening of the defense system of the skin, soothing, softening and moisturizing of the skin. Enriched with Rose leaves and calendula oils to provide continuous moisture, rich in omega 6 and 3 essential to nourishing and enlivening your skin, and Evening primrose oil for its high concentration of GLA which moisturizes and stretches the skin, and oleic acid, which keeps it soft and silky.