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  • Natural Sea Beauty Body Mineral Soap
    Natural Sea Beauty Body Mineral Soap

Natural Sea Beauty Body Mineral Soap


Natural Sea Beauty Body Mineral Soap bar cleanses and protects your skin while simultaneously keeping an optimal level of moisture. It is enriched with oils and has a pleasant and calming fragrance and is SLS free.

120 ml / 4 oz

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Minerial ™ Body Mineral Soap Bar is a solid dead sea mineral soap bar without SLS, unique in its power to nurture and protect your skin as well as clean it. The soap gives a thorough cleanse of the skin and lends it moisture, shine and flexibility, while maintaining the optimum balance of moisture in the skin. It boasts an amazingly relaxing and refreshing fragrance, and for the best of your skin is enriched with Burj seeds, olive oil, calendula oil, lemongrass oil, jojoba oil and Rosehip Oil. Coming in bars of 120 ml, this soap is by far the best soap you could choose for your skin's beauty and well being. And who doesn't want skin smooth as the finest silk? Everyone knows that healthy skin is the most beautiful and so it's worth pampering one of the most important parts of your body with an actually good soap, in the long run