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  • Rich Facial Dead Sea Mud Mask by Sea of Spa
    Rich Facial Dead Sea Mud Mask by Sea of Spa

Sea of Spa Rich Facial, Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Super rich and luxurious Facial Mud Mask by Sea of Spa is formulated with nutrient healthy Dead Sea mud and minerals to give your face that refreshing Dead Sea Spa treatment in your own home! 150 ml 

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Super Rich Facial Dead Sea Mud Mask by Sea of SPA is a fancy spa treatment you can have right in your own home! Harsh weather and toxins in the environment wreak havoc on delicate facial skin. A Dead Sea Mud Mask treatment is the perfect antidote. Enjoy the healing and pampering affects of Sea of Spa's mud mask with essential Dead Sea mineral and other ingredients and show the world a brighter, more refreshed face! Appropriate for use by all skin types, for optimum results, use the mask 1-2 times a week and follow with a moisturizing cream. Use: Apply an even layer of medium thickness to the face and neck (avoid the eye area), leave the mask to set for 10-20 minutes, until it becomes dry. Then peel off the mask and rinsethe face thoroughly with water.

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