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  • Large Purim Basket
    Large Purim Basket

Family Size Tray of Mishloach Manot Treats for Purim

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Large decorated tray, filled with all kinds of delicious chocolate treats and a plastic Grogger to use on Purim when listening to the story of Megillat Eshter [the Book of Esther].

Kosher Megadim Badatz Haeda Hacharedit

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SKU : 15244
MSRP: $39.95
Sale price: $29.95

Purim basket for any feline lover or just any chocoholic on your Mishloach Manot gift list. Decorated tray is filled to overflowing with special treats for Purim :

  • 1  milk chocolate filled with nougat cream Megadim
    1  bitter chocolate 60% Megadim
    1 Case Mix 190 g Megadim
    1 bag of toffee candies 150g
    1 Jelly candies 25g
    1 mini snack timeout Megadim
    1 Kif kef mini snack Megadim
    1 snack Mefupelet Megadim
    2 snack Tuvtaam Megadim
    1 snack Taami Megadim
    1  chocolate waffles
    1 plastic rattle

Certified Kosher Megadim Badatz Haeda Hacharedit