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  • 14K Gold Engraved Hamsa, Star of David Pendant
    14K Gold Engraved Hamsa, Star of David Pendant

Star of David Pendant 14K Gold with Engraved Hamsa

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This cute hamsa pendant charm is delightfully designed with a Star of David as the focus point. Ben Jewelry is good at this flawlessly fun and stylish design. This would be a good wear on any day and on any occasion.
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SKU : 16343
MSRP: $419.00
Sale price: $299.00
Ben Jewelry is amazing at making stylish and cute pieces of jewelry for any occasion, this particular artistic bit of Jewish jewelry being made of 14K gold. With a special design focused on a Star of David in a circle in a hamsa, it's in many ways the ultimate piece of Jewish jewelry. 
The hamsa is a traditional image in many cultures, and the Jewish star - the Star of David, or in Hebrew the 'Magen David', is clearly a symbol of Judaism nowadays. Magen David means protector or shield of David, and is thought to have been on King David's shield.The six pointed star wasn't always only a Jewish symbol, but ever since the holocaust it has been equated to only Jewish people. Also, it's the symbol connected with modern Israel today, on the national flag.
What better a symbol to wear as jewelry meant to show your pride in your people and your roots?
  • Size (cm): 1.5 X 2
  • Size (Inch): 0.6 X 0.8