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  • Gold & Silver Star of David Necklace with a Menorah
    Gold & Silver Star of David Necklace with a Menorah

Gold & Silver Star of David Necklace with a Menorah

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Look no further than this for an outstanding example of Jewish jewelry.  This is a Star of David necklace that is both classy and meaningful while having been beautifully designed.  It is simply the perfect gift for a special person.

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This is not your ordinary Star of David pendant.  While most Star of David necklaces boast a traditional bold silver or gold design, this is an intricate and elegant pattern which retains a classic feel.  While the outlying frame of the Jewish Star of David is made from sterling silver, the interior is fashioned from a striking sky blue opal.  At the center though of this attractive piece, in the middle of the star, is a traditional Jewish menorah candelabra with an accompanying 9k gold Star of David at its heart.  The subtle blend of blue opal, sterling silver and quality gold is a winning mix and will make a worthy addition to any jewelry collection.


In addition to being a wonderfully attractive item of Israeli jewelry, this is also a pendant with deep meaning.  The Star of David is the most recognizable and one of the most ancient symbols of the Jewish people.  Today, it forms the centerpiece of the Israeli flag and remains inextricably linked to the Jewish nation.  Therefore it is a truly evocative necklace for those who wear it.  The aesthetic and emotional attraction of this item makes it an outstanding gift for that special person.

  • Size (cm): 1.7x 2.8
  • Size (Inch): 0.67 x 1.1