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  • A Silver Star of David and Heart Combination
    A Silver Star of David and Heart Combination

A Star of David and Heart Combination, Silver & Gold

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This is silver Jewish jewelry at its very best.  Rather than simply produce a traditional design, this Star of David necklace has a twist to it, as it is enveloped by a glimmering heart adding glamour and style to meaning.

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This Star of David necklace strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.  There is no more traditional item of

Jewish jewelry than a Star of David pendant.  Yet, this is a necklace with a difference, as it also incorporates an attractive heart shape within the star design. 


One half triangle of the Jewish Star of David is fashioned from a series of CZ stones, which look almost identical to real diamonds and add a real glitz to this item.  The second half of the star is comprised of a heart, which hugs the initial triangle and is made from quality sterling silver.  At the point where the two halves of the heart meet lies another design feature in the form of a 9k golden flower motif.  This is a necklace which is glamorous without being ostentatious, traditional without being boring. 


In addition to the triumph of design is the highly evocative meaning behind this necklace.  The Star of David is one of the oldest and certainly the most recognizable emblem of the Jewish people and their history.  The heart only accentuates this connection even further, resulting in a necklace that’s not only laden with meaning but is truly beautiful.

  • Size (cm): 17 x 28
  • Size (Inch): 6.7 x 11