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  • Galilee Silks Pink Stripes Tallit Prayer Shawl
    Galilee Silks Pink Stripes Tallit Prayer Shawl

Pink Stripes Tallit Prayer Shawl by Galilee Silks

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A beautiful white Tallit for girls and women that is made of silk and decorated with elegant soft pink stripes and knotted corners. The set also comes with a matching bag, kippah and atarah.

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Available on our online Judaica store is this beautiful white Tallit with soft pink stripes that is meant for young girls and women alike. It was fashioned by Galilee Silks in Israel and made from 100 percent wool. Some of the stripes are adorned with a beautiful floral pattern and Its comers are knotted with pink threads that add elegance and grace. The Tallit has a white atarah that is decorated with pink outlines that make it look very lovely. The set comes complete with a Tallit bag and kippah that also feature the same pinks stripes across.
Some Jewish communities allow women to wear a Tallit, which is a rectangular garment with threaded corners, that is required for prayer. According to Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, eminent 20th century halachic authority, women can wear a Tallit as long as it is distinctively feminine. The Tallit is a reminder to the Jews to keep the commandments of G-d and instill them with a prayer spirit.

  • Size (cm): 50.8 x 182.8
  • Size (Inch): 20″x72″