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  • Greyscale Tallit Prayer Shawl by Galilee Silks
    Greyscale Tallit Prayer Shawl by Galilee Silks

Greyscale Tallit Prayer Shawl by Galilee Silks

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This modern judaica is a new spin on a classic idea- the striped tallit prayer shawl. Made of polyester and silk, this tallis was conceived on the shores of the Galilee sea in northern Israel. The stripes are a variety of grays and black perfect for today's fashion-forward gentleman.

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Perfect for the modern gentleman, this fashion-forward tallit prayer shawl is the best fit for today’s Jewish man. Featuring gorgeous dark monochromatic stripes of black and grey, large and small, it is the perfect tallit prayer shawl for any man whether headed to the synagogue, or when dressed up for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. This is Judaica with a modern edge, and a gracefulness and elegance befitting any bespoke gentleman of taste. At once simple, yet with a richness of spirit, this tallis will drape wonderfully over the shoulders of its wearer.
It used to be that tradition was the sole determiner of judaica’s value. Kiddush cups and candle sticks were siver. Table cloths were white. Tallises were white, with blue stripes. Today we have moved beyond such hidebound attitudes. Jewish garments can now have fashion in mind, and that is where this sophisticated gentleman’s talis comes into play. Get this for yourself, or as a gift for any forward thinker. Jewish fashion is moving at a breakneck pace these days. Don’t be left behind.

  • Size (cm): 51x183
  • Size (Inch): 20 x 72