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  • Aluminium Brown Kiddush Cup Goblet and Saucer
    Aluminium Brown Kiddush Cup Goblet and Saucer

Aluminium Brown Kiddush Cup Goblet and Saucer

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This brown Kiddush Cup goblet set is crafted from quality aluminum material with a fading and textured finish, and comes with a matching saucer. This alluring cup set makes a great gift for any occasion.

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Crafted from aluminum with a brown, fading finish, this simple and elegant Kiddush cup set includes the goblet and matching saucer, and is suitable Judaica to use for the reciting of the Kiddush before any Shabbat or holiday meal. The brown color of the cup set provides an alluring simplicity as an alternative to sterling silver cups, and looks great on any table.
""Kiddush,"" which means sanctification in Hebrew, is a blessing that is recited over wine or grape juice placed inside the cup, and can occur on Friday evenings before the meal when Shabbat begins, and also the following morning and afternoons. Kiddush can also occur on the evenings before or morning of Jewish holidays. After the Kiddush passage is recited, the person who did the reciting drinks from the Kiddush cup before passing it along to other participants in the room, who then partake from the cup as well.

  • Size (cm): 14
  • Size (Inch): 5.5