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  • Nickel Stem Kiddush Cup with Pomegranates Set with Blue Stones
    Nickel Stem Kiddush Cup with Pomegranates Set with Blue Stones

Silver Plated Stem Kiddush Cup with Pomegranates Set with Blue Stones

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Artistic Silver Plated Judaica Kiddush cup, embossed with Hebrew words “Borei p’ri hagafen.” Stands 14 centimeters tall. Set with sapphire-blue stones surrounding a decorative embellishment and around the stem. Includes matching grape vine saucer and protective plastic cup liner.

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Made of silver plated nickel, this beautiful Shabbat Kiddush cup and saucer set truly stands out among all other judaica! Embossed on the goblet is the Hebrew phrase, “Borei p’ri hagafen,” which comes from one of the Kiddush blessings over wine. The goblet is studded with majestic sapphire-colored stones and elegant, embossed pomegranates, on its sides and upon the stem. To protect the interior surface, a reusable protective liner made of plastic is also included.
Pomegranates are a significant fruit to the Jewish religion. The pomegranate is one of Israel’s shivah minim, the seven species of produce grown abundantly in the Holy Land, dating back to ancient times. Its many seeds are symbolic of fruitfulness, and the six-hundred and thirteen mitzvot G-d commanded of the Jewish nation. Historically, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) who served in the Holy Temple wore a robe decorated with pomegranate-shaped tassels, and the pomegranate was a common motif on ancient coins.

  • Size (cm): 14
  • Size (Inch): 5.5