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  • Bullet Proof Case – Level IIIA
    Bullet Proof Case – Level IIIA

Bullet Proof Case – Level IIIA

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This bullet proof case makes an excellent addition to any collection of body armor.  Although there are plenty of bullet proof jackets for sale, this bullet resistant accessory could prove crucial to your protection, while also proving a useful case.

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If you are looking to go beyond the range of bullet proof jackets on sale and to add further protection, consider this bullet proof briefcase.  It will give you maximum protection, thanks to the large protective area that it provides and is certified as a category IIIA bullet proof item.  Although it looks like a stylish briefcase on the outside, it is complemented by Famosten plates inside, which are crucial in providing protection.  These plates help to absorb the impact of a range of small-scale weapons including hand guns and shrapnel from hand grenades and other explosive items.  Of course, in the event of an attack, it is possible to take advantage of the built in quick release opening mechanism, which will enable you to open up the bullet resistant briefcase for maximum protection.


However, this item also doubles up as a fully functioning and stylish briefcase.  It is lightweight, making it simple and easy to carry by the single handle of the case. It is also available in a choice of black or brown colors, allowing you to choose the right style for you.  Inside, you will find a variety of pockets, pouches and spaces which allows you to store a variety of items at your leisure.     


All in all, this bullet proof briefcase is the ideal solution to those VIPs who wish to add to their bullet resistant protective options.  It will allow you to feel a greater sense of security even in the most volatile of situations.