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  • Israel Air Force Flag
    Israel Air Force Flag

Israel Air Force Flag

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High quality, large size, Israel Air Force flag.

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The Israeli Air Force, in Hebrew: 'Heyl Ha'avir', is one of the fundamental pillars of Israel's strength. Its feats and accomplishments in wars and other military operations, and its contribution to routine security missions, have brought it international fame. The IAF is a cornerstone of Israel's defensive strategy, providing a deterrent against aggressive intentions and a solid shield in the event of war.
The basic building blocks which make the IAF what it is are - and always have been - the people inside the uniforms. They are the secret behind the IAF's unique spirit. Planes, missiles and sophisticated weapons will not reach their targets unless they are buoyed by fighting spirit and guided by tenacious will.
The human factor, together with the state of the art equipment employed by the IAF, enable Heyl Ha'avir to fight and win in the modern battlefield, to withstand sophisticated threats and give the IDF - and the entire State of Israel - the gift of clean skies.

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  • Size (cm): 100 x150
  • Size (Inch): 40x60