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  • Israel Flag - Big
    Israel Flag - Big
  • Israel Flag - Big
    Israel Flag - Big

Israel Flag - Big

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For the complete list of Flags and Souvenirs from Israel click here 
The flag of Israel has a white background two horizontal blue stripes of equal size. between them is blue Star of David.
The Star of David (Magen David) is the Jewish star and symbol of the Jewish people. The blue and white stripes represent purity, while the Star represents the new beginning in the ancient homeland. The flag is modeled after the Jewish prayer shawl, the Tallit.
The Israeli flag was approved October 28, 1948.
The Star of David is the most recognized symbol of Jewish identity.  The Star of David is central to Jewish jewelry like Star of David Necklaces, rings and more. 
Israel War History
Israel has been forced from its inception to fight wars for its very existence. Israel is proud of its armed forces for their military prowess, its humane comportment, known as purity of arms, as well as for its many contributions to Israeli life.
Some of the conflicts are:
-1948 War of Independence
-1956 Sinai Campaign
-1967 Six-Day War
- War of Attrition
-1973 Yom Kippur War
-1982 Operation Peace for Galilee
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  • Size (Inch): 60 x 43.5