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  • Picture of Israel From Space
    Picture of Israel From Space

Picture of Israel From Space, Wall Map


This satellite map is a composite of three satellite images that were acquired by Landsat 7 at an altitude of 705 kilometers and were processed by computer.

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Although Israel is a small country, it is very diverse and it shows well on this image. In this overview map you can clearly see the various topographical, geological & man-made features of the different areas around the country. Mountain ranges, river channels, craters in the desert, and major roadways are among the details seen from the satellite images.


In this map of Israel from Space, you can clearly distinguish different kinds of rock and soil and a nice example can be seen in the south of the country, north of the Red Sea, where the Granite mountains are colored dark brown and the eroded sands, descending into the Arava valley, are seen clearly in shades of gray and brown. In the north of the country, you can see lush vegetation because this area enjoys much more rain than the desert in the south of the country.


You can also clearly see the impact of man, and some good examples are the roads and urban areas, salt evaporation ponds at the southern end of the Dead Sea etc. The border between Israel and Egypt can be clearly seen because the color on the Egyptian side is much lighter, due to overgrazing. Major cities and Israel's borders are clearly marked on the map.


This spectacular image is printed on high quality paper 35 x 100 cm. in size ( Approximately 14 x 40 inch ).

  • Size (cm): 35 X 100
  • Size (Inch): 14 X 40