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  • The Israeli Declaration of Independence
    The Israeli Declaration of Independence

The Israeli Declaration of Independence CD


This high quality presentation pack offers a perfect and original gift, providing an educational, historical and emotional experience to the recipient, for various different occasions.

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'...we have come together, we the members of the people's committee, representatives of the Jewish settlement and the Zionist community, on the last day of the British Mandate on Palestine, according to our historic rights, and on the basis of the United Nations resolution: "we hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in Israel, to be known as the State of Israel." David Ben-Gurion


Product includes:

  • CD with the full recording of the declaration
  • Booklet describing the story of the Declaration, Including picture from the historic event.


Product Description:


This high quality CD & Booklet of Israel's Declaration of Independence.

Listen to Israel's first Prime Minister, David ben Gurion make the original Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv, in May 1948. The recording is forwarded by detailed background information of the writing of the declaration, its contents and messages, which continue to make a major contribution to the social and economic development of the State of Israel. Additionally, the CD includes a reading of the English translation of the declaration, and concludes with a rendition of the Israeli national anthem, HaTikvah.

Every Jewish or Israeli home, together with those homes who support the State of Israel, cannot possibly be complete without this presentation gift box, allowing a glimpse into the past to the historic moments of the establishment of the State.

The Israel's Independence gift box presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to introduce your family and friends to this unique experience, contributing much to an increase in knowledge and understanding of this vitally important piece of Israeli history.

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