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  • Send 3 Gift Packs to Israeli Soldiers
    Send 3 Gift Packs to Israeli Soldiers

Send 3 Gift Packs to Israeli Soldiers

No Longer Available

Sponsor packages of goodies to be sent to 3 Israeli soldiers at an IDF military base. Israeli soldiers will be pleased to receive gifts this Jewish New Year.

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Israeli Soldiers will be pleased to receive gifts from supporters of the IDF. Send a package of chocolates and sweets to brighten a soldier's day.+Israel-Catalog.com in cooperation with JerusalemOnline.com is collecting sponsorships for these gifts for IDF soldiers. Packages are distributed by volunteers of the LIBI Fund (The Fund for Strengthening Israel's defense) at army basis all over Israel. The packages are delivered for the Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Succot.+The Gift Pack Includes:+-Chocolate Wafer+-Bag of Doritos+-Mini Kif Kaf chocolate bar+-Mini Ta’ami chocolate bar+-Mini Pesek Zman chocolate bar+-Jar of Honey+*Items are under Kashrut supervision of the Israel Rabbinate.+The LIBI Fund:+Israel's soldiers give the best years of their lives to defend the State of Israel. The Libi Fund provides a way for the public to support them during their period of military service.+Founded in 1980 The Libi Fund assists members of the Israel Defence Forces through the funding of projects that improve their quality of life and enhance their well-being.