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  • Soldier on the Front -Personal Hygiene Pack (FREE Delivery).
    Soldier on the Front -Personal Hygiene Pack (FREE Delivery).

Soldier on the Front -Personal Hygiene Pack (FREE Delivery).

Israeli Soldiers have been in the battlefield for over 4 weeks. Many soldiers have requested personal hygiene packs including: Shampoo, soap, razors, wet wipes & deodorant is what they need most .. Make an extra effort, send a pack
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Please Note:
The recipient Information on the order form & confirmation email is for shipping of the certificate only, the actual package will be sent to the Soldiers

Israeli Soldiers are in a war, fighting terrorists, defending Israel's borders.
Share your feelings with them at this difficult time in a very tangible way.
Pack filled personal hygiene products that will help them get through these difficult times.

The pack includes:
1. Liquid Soap - 200 ml
2. Shampoo - 250 ml
3. Shaving Cream - 300 ml
4. Pack of 10 razor blades
5. Pack of wet wipes
6. Deodorant 200 ml

These packages are delivered straight to the army bases. Even though these packages cannot be sent to a specific soldier we encourage you to include a note which will personalize the gift for each soldier. Put a smile on their faces and show them you care.

Each donation will receive a certificate
with the recipient Name
Please write the donors name in the recipient information

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