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  • Israel Navy commandos (Shayetet 13) Men's T-shirt
    Israel Navy commandos (Shayetet 13) Men's T-shirt

Israel Navy commandos (Shayetet 13) Men's T-shirt

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Shayetet 13 is the Israel Navy's elite commando special forces (SF) unit.

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Israel's elite Navy commando unit, the frogmen - known in Hebrew as Shayetet 13 – comprises some of the best-trained and highly-motivated fighters in Israel's military. The Shayetet 13 training is famously intense, and Shayetet commandos are called on to accomplish some of the country's most delicate missions.

The Shayetet has been under international klieg lights ever since the raid on the Turkish flotilla bound for Gaza. Stand by the Navy commandos and for Israel in these tough times, and help spread the real story of the events that unfolded on the Marmara.

The T-shirt features the Shayetet 13 insignia. 'SHAYETET 13' appears in English above the unit's symbol in a stylized font. The words 'Israel Navy Commando Unit' are printed below the graphic.+The men's crewneck tee is available in either black or royal blue with white printing.

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