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  • Gefilte Queen, Jewish Apron
    Gefilte Queen, Jewish Apron

Gefilte Queen, Jewish Apron

Gefilte Queen is the ultimate Jewish Woman’s compliment, because if you can make a delicious gefilte, you definitely have a wonderful touch in the kitchen and absolutely win at being Jewish. A cute and humorous gift apron.
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Gefilte Fish isn’t only a Rosh Hashana food, it’s the stereotypical Jewish food all year round. But it is a delicate food, that needs the most expert of hands to make it taste its best. And when the gefilte is good, oh BOY is it good. So when you crown someone the Gefilte Queen, that really means they’ve got a special touch in their kitchen, and they really know what they’re doing. Thus, this is the perfect gift for the gefilte queen in your life, that Jewish woman who’s got it down to an art. And with her Gefilte fish, your New year is sure having a good start. On Rosh Hashana we bless over fish that we’ll be as the head and not the tail, and gefilte may not have a tail (as humorously depicted on the apron) but it’s ahead of all other fish when this lady makes it.

Full color printed apron , made of 100% polyester  pleasant to touch, soft and comfortable.
Gift Wrapped, Washable, Boiling-Resistant, color does not fade.