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  • Honey Cake Expert, Jewish Apron
    Honey Cake Expert, Jewish Apron

Honey Cake Expert, Jewish Apron

This adorable apron crowns the wearer to be the expert at honey cake, with a cute corresponding picture on the front, all together making a sweet gift for the beginning of a sweet new year.
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Give this jewish apron as a gift to the honey-cake expert in your life. The sweetest, most perfect cake *cough* *person* around. She knows how to bake that honey cake to absolute perfection and she knows that that’s the way to your heart. Her food is great and so is she, and this is a very nice way to show it, giving her a gift as sweet as her cake and her personality. The picture on the front of the apron is of a chef-lady proudly standing on a honey cake stage with a bee and a honey dipper dripping the honey liberally onto the cake, symbolizing a very sweet new year to come. And obviously this is the right gift for her, if she makes honey cakes you can only imagine how much she might be in need of an extra apron!


Full color printed apron , made of 100% polyester  pleasant to touch, soft and comfortable.
Gift Wrapped, Washable, Boiling-Resistant, color does not fade.