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Old School Patriot, Israeli Flag

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T-shirt features large distressed image of flag of the State of Israel with the words Old School Patriot underneath.

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Wearing this Israel T-shirt is a real patriot act. The design features a large distressed Israeli flag over the words 'Old School Patriot.' The text is printed in utility-style font in the same shade of blue as the Israeli flag's Star of David and stripes.

This short-sleeved, crewneck men's tee can be ordered in white, black, heather gray, or turquoise, and will be a hit with any fan of Israel T-shirts, whether they've visited here or not.

For many years now, Israel T-shirts have been hugely popular as souvenirs and gifts. Visitors to Israel bring them back to friends and family as a way of sharing a bit of the Israel experience, or hang on to them as special souvenirs. Our T-shirts include designs that touch on all aspects of Israel and Israeli culture, especially military and security-related motifs. Our collection features the popular IDF T-shirts, as well as shirts with Mossad, Special Forces, and Israel Air Force designs.

These fine preshrunk T-shirts are manufactured from 100% cotton, ring spun. The cotton is of an unusually high quality and extremely soft, so our T-shirt fabric is a little bit more expensive than other kinds. We want to guarantee that our customers completely satisfied with our products, so we insist on using the best-quality materials.

Note: 100% cotton tees can shrink up to a full size when laundered, even if they have been preshrunk. Please follow the washing instructions on the label.