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  • Comfortable wide Strap Slip-on Leather Sandals - Jacob
    Comfortable wide Strap Slip-on Leather Sandals - Jacob

Comfortable wide Strap Slip-on Handmade Leather Sandals - Jacob


Comfort is of the essence with these genuine leather sandals.  Cleverly designed, not only are they attractive, you can simply slip into them without having to compromise on your movement. 

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 15648

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95


These are a brilliantly designed pair of Israeli sandals. Utilizing just two leather straps, Carmel have nonetheless designed a stylish sandal which will guarantee long-term classy wear.  The design boasts an open back, leaving much of your foot free.  The front half though incorporates two broad leather straps, which crossover the top of the foot, producing a comfortable fit.  The underneath strap is a plain brown hand-stitched affair.  Meanwhile, the upper strap includes a decorative half-buckle and is finished off with a fixed toe loop, which ensures that your foot will stay in place.  The result is a comfortable and secure fit. 


As for the craftsmanship, this is also of the highest quality.  Fashioned from genuine leather, the soles have been hand-stitched and glued to real rubber bottoms to produce an excellent finish.


Based on the biblical handmade leather sandals of a long gone age, this is foot ware with powerful meaning.