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  • Multi-Band Quality Leather Landals - Shoham
    Multi-Band Quality Leather Landals - Shoham

Multi-Band Quality Handmade Leather Sandals - Shoham


This sturdy pair of leather sandals also enjoys an elegant look about it.  With many straps of leather used to produce a sophisticated look, you will enjoy class and comfort.

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 15659

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95

What may at first appear to be a complex web of leatherwork is in fact a straightforward design that will add a touch of class to your selection of foot ware.  The sandal is open-backed, which means that you can just slip into these hand-made sandals with ease.  However, the front of the foot is encased by five arches of thick leather straps, molded to the shape of your foot.  They are all connected by a vertical leather holding piece, which attaches the other straps together thanks to a selection of small brass studs.  There is no doubting the quality of these sandals, as they are manufactured entirely from genuine leather, which has been hand-stitched to a quality rubber sole.   


In addition to style and comfort, these sandals also offer an historical meaning.  Designed to reflect biblical sandals, they are a reminder of a rich history and heritage in Israel.