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  • Simple and Stylish Leather Slip-on Sandals - Givon
    Simple and Stylish Leather Slip-on Sandals - Givon

Simple and Stylish handmade Leather Slip-on Sandals - Givon


These top quality leather sandals will be a winner this summer.  Combining real comfort with top quality materials, the result is a brilliant design which is both classy and sophisticated.

Process Time (business days): 12
SKU : 15680

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95

This pair of handmade leather sandals will turn heads for all the right reasons.  They are beautifully and yet simply designed, to produce an attractive effect.  In essence, they are basic slip-on sandals, thanks to an open back. 

A single piece of leather arches over the top of the foot and protects the front of the instep.  It joins up with a single leather toe loop, which guides your big toe.  The result is a simple, but effective sandal.  Moreover, this pair of sandals boasts the best in hand-stitched craftsmanship. 

The genuine leather includes beautiful hand-stitching to produce an attractive pattern and an excellent seam to the leather pieces.  The quality leather is attached to top-class rubber soles for a great finish.  In fact, the methods used to manufacture these Israeli sandals are similar to the biblical sandals found across the country, dating back over two thousand years, for an historic design!